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The fine stone façade of Cresselly presents a lovely symmetry as you approach the house from the main drive. The three-storey centre section, built in 1770, is flanked by two-storey wings added nearly a hundred years later and was the work of Clarke and Holland of Newmarket, Suffolk, who also worked for Lady Catherine Allen's brother, the Earl of Portsmouth.

As we enter the house, we come into an impressive entrance hall with glass chandelier and solid oak furniture and, passing through, we arrive at the splendid staircase which dates from around 1817 and was the work of William Hoare, who also designed and built a peach house, now gone, as well as the glasshouses at Slebech and Lawrenny. On the walls here, and in the corridor which leads off it, you will see family portraits, and hunting trophies that remind you of the Allen family’s long association with country sports.

As a guest you are welcome to use Cresselly’s main reception rooms in which to relax: the elegant Morning Room or the beautiful Drawing Room with its exquisite Italian-style ceiling, both furnished with fine antiques; and both enjoying gorgeous views over the surrounding countryside.

For breakfast or dinner (if requested) you can seat yourself at the fine Georgian mahogany dining table gleaming from many decades of beeswax polishing.

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